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Corporate Consulting, Coaching and Supervision

Together we develop an instrument mix of rational and intuitive-creative methods that is optimally suited for you and leads to immediately realizable results. This enables organizations and people to achieve the goals they have set and to deal with unforeseeable circumstances. We will be happy to assist you in finding and implementing your strategy.

In individual and group setting you strengthen the decision-making skills in your organization or as an individual and learn to draw on your experience and skills in order to develop your full potential or that of your team and organization.

Corporate consulting

In corporate consulting, we combine strategic approaches with intuitive methods in order to use both the rational and the instinctive level for holistic consulting.

Scenario based strategy consulting

Scenarios describe (for the respective question complex) possibilities and probabilities in the future. Our scenario models are based on various independent intuitive methods, because intuition is the best telescope to look into the future. The understanding of possible and probable images of the future is then the basis for concrete considerations in the present. We do not extrapolate from the present into the future, but our mindset is exactly the other way around. This is how your future-oriented strategies are created with our help.

Change management processes/ Recognition of and handling of disruptive technologies

Disruption is "in". It is the expression of our current phase of innovation with its high dynamics in global networks. We help you to identify the disruptive technologies/innovations affecting your company/organization and to develop suitable measures. We apply a number of modern methods of early detection, scenario technique and the 360° Delphi survey.

Strategic planning for individuals or partners

Strategic planning is not a rational planning process, but a creative thought process that uses future, relatively blurred images (ideas about entrepreneurial and/or personal future situations) to set the right measures/activities in the present. Together with you we draw pictures of the future, help you with their reading and concrete interpretation. We supplement this process (if necessary) with company, organizational, team or couple constellations.


The HILL-AMC lobbying method makes it possible to recognize topic- and problem-oriented network structures, to determine their functions, elements and relationships among themselves and to generate targeted effects or interactions.

360° Delphi method for product innovation and repositioning of companies

The Delphi method is a temporarily configured expert knowledge system, methodically designed as a structured group survey, which is used as a qualitative procedure for early detection or as an early warning system.

Organizational development

E.g. in family businesses, in succession planning in SMEs, in mergers or spin-offs.

HR due diligence

In addition to all key economic data, the personality potential of management is of decisive importance for the evaluation of a company.

Risk management, pre-mortem method

Any decision or change involves risks and uncertainty. We use proven methods such as pre-mortem to ensure successful risk management.


We are convinced that every person already carries their individual solutions within them. With the help of solution-focused and hypnosystemic methods, we address your conscious and unconscious knowledge in a holistic way in order to accompany you on the way to your solution. Small feasible steps and confidence are already guaranteed after the first coaching.

"Therapy of professional life"

A holistic view of the individual makes the separation of work and private life seem obsolete. This special form of coaching analyses and compares professional and private behavior patterns and develops solutions for both professional and private questions and problems.

Career decisions, career choice, job change, self-employment

Sometimes people are faced with professional decisions and the question of which path is the "right" one, or how this path can be taken "best". Whether you are looking for professional orientation, choosing a career, changing jobs, making a career leap or setting up your own business, we support you with solution-focused methods to achieve your individual professional goal.

Strengthening the work-life balance and solving overloads and dilemmas

Appreciative and at eye level, we open up a development space in which conscious and unconscious resources can be activated and used for your individual solutions. Inner dilemmas or overloads are solved in favor of more lightness and a strengthened balance in your everyday life.

Team coaching

In team coaching, team processes and team solutions are developed and optimized together as a team using solution-focused methods. We rely on the valuable resources and the useful wealth of experience of the individual team members - for a harmonious teamwork.

Supervision - the clarifying view from outside

Supervision is aimed at individuals, groups and teams of all hierarchy levels who want to reflect on their professional actions. It deals with concrete questions from everyday professional life. In a solution-oriented approach, the supervision process is designed to promote practical learning and the quality of collaboration as well as professional and personal development.

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