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Conflict Management, Mediation and Communication Training

Communication is a central component of every cohabitation, thus also in the working world. We support you with various communication topics for successful conflict management in your company.

Together we work out possible goals and potentials; we support your team in promoting an appreciative attitude, mutual acceptance and respect and in achieving more together as a team.

Examples of use

  • Moderated discussions as clarification assistance (e.g. in case of team conflicts)

  • Mediation as a structured method for conflict resolution in intra- and inter-company conflicts or in the macroeconomic environment

  • Mediation during succession and transfer processes

  • Mediation accompanying change management processes

  • Mediation in all processes of corporate development and strategy formulation

  • Communication training for communication deficits

  • Communication during change processes

  • Feedback culture

Michele Turnheim

CFO, mediator


Franz Schaudy

Business psychologist